I have been practicing as a real estate attorney for 15 years in New York City, and have closed over 10,000 properties and over $500 million+ in property values and have seen it all . I am here to give you the straight up no nonsense, practical legal negotiation tools that can either make or break the deal and win the listing through cutting , legal edge strategies and techniques. I have saved countless deals from falling through thereby ensuring the agents I work with make it to the closing table and collect their checks. I have developed legal expertise throughout my years of experience in one of the most competitive markets known for record-breaking real estate deals . If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of a real estate transaction and make sure that you avoid the common pitfalls that many agents fall into, then check out my program and learn the tools and secrets to becoming a seven figure realtor. My goal is to ensure that every listing you win and every contract you write gets to the closing table smoothly and successfully. You hold the key and the power to your own success, all you need are the legal tools and creative negotiation strategies that I have developed for you to scale your business , close more deals and make more money.

Negotiation Expert :Winning the Listing ©:

Module 1- Building Your Unique Value Proposition

  1. 10,000+ Properties Closed with Taliya Bashani
  2. Leveraging Your Brokerage To Your Advantage
  3. Separating Yourself From Every Other Agent

Module 2- Seller Client Mastery

  1. Uncovering Your Seller’s Goals
  2. Locking Down Seller Appointments
  3. Overcoming Seller Objections
  4. Analyzing Properties Like An Expert
  5. Establishing the Highlights of a Property
  6. Pricing Properties To Sell Fast

Module 3- Listing Presentation Mastery

  1. Your Appearance & Personality Matter
  2. What To Bring To Your Presentation
  3. Showcasing Your Unique Value Proposition
  4. Negotiating Listing Price & Terms
  5. Getting The Listing Agreement

Signed Module 4- Property Marketing Mastery

  1. Researching The Property
  2. Generating Pre-Market Buzz
  3. Using High End Property Visuals
  4. Implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  5. Leveraging Perception of Value

BONUS- Using Creative Negotiation To Double Commissions

  1. Seller Concessions
  2. Freebie Offers
  3. Appraisal Threshold
  4. Inspection Contingency Threshold
  5. Rent to Buy Options